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Presentations open to the public


Inspire, educate and entertain your audience with a presentation by author Alison O'Leary. Presentations include stunning visuals, insights into the research involved, historical perspective and humor.

NEW FOR 2024: 

The Best Small Museums in Massachusetts: discover quirky collections, surprising exhibits, and the histories behind them.

700 Miles on the New England Coast: the story of a trip from Providence RI to Bar Harbor ME and back in a 25 foot sailboat, including scenes from small towns, secluded harbors, beautiful sunsets, histories of islands and lighthouses along the way -- and a thrilling shark encounter. See video of the shark encounter HERE.

        *                   *                      *                           *                               *                          *                     *

Microadventures in Massachusetts: Get out and explore with adventurous day trips to islands, waterfalls, abandoned towns/settlements, to spot/track wildlife, and hiking/kayaking opportunities. (See flyer on website or request one via email.)


Abandon Ship! The most unique story of WWII: the British ship Laconia was carrying nearly 3000 people 600 miles from land in 1942 when a German submarine sent two torpedoes into her starboard side. Why did the Germans help to rescue survivors? (See flyer on website or request one via email.)

Hikes Through History a sampling of fun and interesting hikes in Eastern Mass. from my Appalachian Mountain Club guidebook Best Day Hikes Near Boston. This program talks about the history of the land we hike on, including the people and historic events that shaped our parks and open spaces.

Hiking A to Z: Everything you need to consider before taking on a significant hike, including canine companions, how much water to bring, footwear and traction, choosing routes, emergency beacons, and more.


Inns and Adventures: Based on my book of the same name, this program offers a variety of adventurous weekend trips in New Hampshire, Vermont, and the Berkshires with doses of humor, history, and peeks inside historic inns. Perfect for the armchair adventurers in the audience too!


So Close to Home: The true story of World War II coming to our doorstep in 1942 and the American family caught in the cross-hairs of a German submarine in the Gulf of Mexico. (See my website for more info)


5   3 p.m.            Samuel Slater Experience                        Hikes Through History

6   1 p.m.             Needham COA                                         Seen by Sea: An Appreciation of the NE Coast

7    7 p.m.            Hingham MA Library                               Seen by Sea: An Appreciation of the NE Coast

8   6:30 p.m.      Middleboro Public Library                       Best Small Museums in Massachusetts

15  6 p.m.           Lunenberg Public Library                         Seen by Sea

16  7 p.m.           Groton Public Library                               Abandon Ship

17  12 p.m.          Mansfield COA                                          So Close to Home 

21  6:30 p.m.      Hansen Public Library                              Microadventures in Massachusetts

30 2 p.m.           Framingham COA                                      Seen by Sea


4   6 p.m.         Berlin Public Library*                                   Hikes Through History

5    6 p.m.        Southwick Public Library                              Seen by Sea

6  TBA/eve      Lincoln Public Library (via Zoom)                Hikes Through History

11  6:30 p.m.    Barre Public Library                                      Microadventures in Massachusetts

12  1 p.m.          Seekonk Public Library                                 Seen by Sea

17  2 p.m.          Chatham Public Library                               Microadventures in Massachusetts 

20  6:30 p.m.   Norfolk Public Library                                  Hiking A to Z

25  10:30 am    Brookfield Senior Center                             Seen by Sea

26  5:30 p.m.    Rockport Public Library                               TBA                

Hidden Gems (click on video above)
So Close to Home (click on video to play)
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