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Presentations open to the public


Inspire, educate and entertain your audience with a presentation by author Alison O'Leary. Presentations are available on the topic of each book, including stunning visuals, insights into the research involved, historical perspective and humor.

Hidden Gems (click on video above)
So Close to Home (click on video to play)


7   7 p.m.            Wellesley Free Library (via Zoom)     Microadventures in Massachusetts

8   7 p.m.            Wakefield Public Library                     Abandon Ship

28  7 p.m.           Milton Public Library (via Zoom)       Hikes Through History


10   6:30 p.m.    Bellingham Public  Library                Microadventures in Massachusetts

11     7 p.m.          Newburyport Public Library               Microadventures in Massachusetts

13   3 p.m.           Duxbury Council on Aging                 Microadventures in Massachusetts


2     6 p.m.           Kingston Public Library*                  Microadventures in Massachusetts
                            (at Adams Center)

4     7 p.m.           Cohasset Public Library                    Abandon Ship!

10   6:30 p.m.     Clinton Public Library                       Microadventures in Massachusetts


14   7 p.m.            Franklin Public Library                     Microadventures in Massachusetts

12  7 p.m.             Newburyport Public Library                Abandon Ship
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