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Presentations open to the public


Inspire, educate and entertain your audience with a presentation by author Alison O'Leary. Presentations are available on the topic of each book, including stunning visuals, insights into the research involved, historical perspective and humor.


10   6:30 p.m.    Bellingham Public  Library                Microadventures in Massachusetts

11     7 p.m.          Newburyport Public Library               Microadventures in Massachusetts

13   3 p.m.           Duxbury Council on Aging                 Microadventures in Massachusetts


2     6 p.m.           Kingston Public Library*                  Microadventures in Massachusetts
                            (at Adams Center)

4     7 p.m.           Cohasset Public Library                    Abandon Ship!

10   6:30 p.m.     Clinton Public Library                       Microadventures in Massachusetts


14   7 p.m.            Franklin Public Library                     Microadventures in Massachusetts

27  7 p.m.             Medford Public LIbrary                    Hiking A to Z


6   7:30 p.m.        Walpole Public Library                    Microadventures in Massachusetts

12  7 p.m.             Newburyport Public Library             Abandon Ship

28 7 p.m.             Medford Public Library                    Microadventures in Massachusetts
Hidden Gems (click on video above)
So Close to Home (click on video to play)
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